Friday, January 30, 2004

Lullabyhullaballoo(by Mick Inkpen; Hodder Children's Books; ISBN: 0340626860)

This easy story brings in lots of friendly fairytale characters: dragons, knights, giants, ghosts. The pictures are lovely, the text is simple and has lots of repetition built in. Lullabyhullaballoo was a hit with all the kids from 3 to 11.

We learnt a lullabye: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We had a pose for each character, animal and even the castle. The kids loved having a go at shouting out the next pose for everyone to take, or guessing which character is being posed.

We made a sleeping princess with closing eyelids

  1. Kids fold over a 5cm strip at the bottom of an A4 sheet of thick paper.
  2. Cut off the strip along the fold.
  3. Position the strip at the middle of the back of the paper and draw round the end.

  4. Fold paper across the rectangle you've just drawn, and cut out eyes inside the rectangle. (this is so that the eye holes are not wider than the strip of paper.)

  5. Turn paper over and draw in nose between eye holes.
  6. Add mouth, chin, hair, teddy, pillow, etc.
  7. Stick paper (scraps of old wrapping paper) to make a patchwork quilt fit for a princess.
  8. Tape small strips of paper to the back to hold the eye strip in place.

  9. Draw eyes, eyelids and lashes through the holes of the eyes onto the eye strip.

We made a castle with opening windows.

  1. Each kid gets a bit of A4 white paper as the background and an A5 (that's half A4) bit of brown paper for the castle.
  2. Show kids how to cut out a rectangle out of the middle of one of the longer sides.
    (This can be used as an additional tower and/or for a drawbridge.)
  3. Show kids how to make several snips into the top edge of their turrets. Fold down every 2nd resulting flap (and cut off the folded flaps) to get the crenellation.

  4. Show kids how to make windows with shutters:
    1. Make a vertical fold in the castle wall.
    2. Make two horizontal cuts of equal length into the fold.
    3. Cut vertically along the fold between the two horizontal cuts. This results in a cut that is shaped like a sideways capital H.
    4. Flatten out your castle and open the shutters.

  5. Stick castle onto background, add drawbridge.

  6. Draw moats, mountains, trees, bats, giants, dragons etc. outside the castle, and ghosts, knights, princesses etc. waving from the windows or battlements.

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